Freedom apk – How to buy paid apps for free from Google Play store?

How will it be when you are proficient to have outstanding professional apps for free? The implement we got you is for the exact drive which called Freedom apk lets you collect for millions of resources via the Google Play store. Perceptibly, its technique works as a hacking implement which able to avoid the payment checking barrier. Although the phony credit card has zero, you will remark as paid. How awesome it would be when you are valid premium apps, but without any single pay-off.

freedom apk


Overview of the tool

The way of some apps and games available to buy making a purchase, you might miss many of your interests as you cannot afford them. Thus, with the purpose of rewarded the purchasing apps for free, now you have the trendy utility Freedom apk download. In fact, it provides you the allowance to pass the play store barriers which are to be paid. Those who are enthusiastic about games, draw thousands of games, Gold Coins, and many other sources at once.

By the way, get ready with minimum requirements for you to be supported.

  • Platform status must be, rooted
  • Storage space 2 gigabytes or higher
  • RAM 512 megabytes or upper


  • Freedom is absolutely unrestricted and unpaid to be prepared
  • Buy any pricey application pay zero
  • Able to request any collective from the In-App obtaining
  • Be existent with all applications of the Play Store you desire without exception
  • In-game upgrades for free
  • Capture the allowance of earn a bunch of apps, Games, tools and the whole devoid of any kind of fee
  • Additional features, coins and practical implements avoiding the expense
  •  Supports for all most all versions of Android behind the root certification

Download links

V 1.6.6 RAR

freedom apk

V 1.6.6 APK

freedom apk

How to download?

Here is the complete guide of Freedom apk free to make a perfect setup to get closer more and more preferences. Make sure of your applicability and requirements. Because of its illegal manner, you will not able to find out the file from anywhere of the Google store.

  1. To begin with, you have to make firm the Unknown sources navigating Settings > Security
  2. If you have any previous installation, keep in mind to uninstall them right away
  3. Open your handset browser and download the proper link from the links given above
  4. Prepare the installation
  5. And then, the install switch has to snap to continue the setup
  6. Once the app icon will state on your Home screen, set a reboot for a stable spread over

How to request free app download via Freedom apk?


There are two separated techniques which are recommended and comes with collaborate Market Unlocker tool.

Scheme 1

  1. If you are ready, just launch the app interface and pick up the one you desire to transfer from the respective in-App grasps
  2. Do a selection from the suggestions you will see
  3. Snap on the Menu to enter an option
  4. The Play store will open and you have to move to the free permit number
  5. And click the expense process options to triumph

freedom apk

freedom apk

freedom apk

Scheme 2

  1. You can simply browse our website and pick up links for the transaction
  2. Install them cautiously
  3. Arrange the Market Unlocker application then
  4. Just snap on the “Enable Unlocker” option
  5. Put down the tab which labeled “Market” from the left
  6. Go down of the page and enter “Russian MTS 25001”
  7. Now you can move forward using the Freedom, applying requirements
  8. Enter whatever you preferred now and move through

Device compatibility

Developer’s description of Freedom download has no any specified Android handset brand. All those successfully accomplished root authentication above Android 2.3 up to the latest Marshmallow (6th Android chapter) are applicable its free license for app purchasing. Hope a rapid update will be there for the most recent Nougat replicas as well.

Important: There might fake directions to be settled up for non-root structures as well. But it is clear that its design in accordance with the particular certification as one of those handy root-only suggestions.


Latest  version – 1.6.6

  • Enhanced to supportiveness for the recent Play store
  • Expand the support for more Games and applications
  • Fixed the marshmallow steadiness

 Some of the old versions

  • V1.6.5
  • V1.6.4
  • V1.2.1
  • V1.2.0
  • V1.0.9
  • V1.0.8m
  • V1.0.8l
  • V1.0.8k
  • V1.0.8i

Note: You must always update with the latest version for finest custom without any troublesome occurrence

App review


There might some errors due to some app purchasing movements. Here’s how to solve them.

  • “No connection” error message from the Google store once you get installed the application
  1. Pick up a proper file manager which will let you edit system folders (As an example: ES File Explorer)
  2. Navigate to the root reference book and open the folder labeled “System” and find out related hosts package from there
  3. And the, you have to start edition it replacing “127.0.1 localhost” code
  4. Save it and launch the Application Manager of your handset right away
  5. Do the selection with the Play store and then snap the Clear data key
  6. After all, terminate the entire with a single reboot

Or you can remove Data from the particular tool and restart  the device

  • If something goes wrong related to transferring/downloading
  1. In here, you have to adjust your time region or the city to 5.30 or Moscow orderly (Do a single modification using time or the city)
  2. And also, press and hold on the Freedom apk app and start getting apps for free

Developer Credits

Fully thanks of developing the tremendous zero cost application buyer go to the Russian developer Orphan Safe Communications. Some of the resources noted that the creator is anonymous since the particular utility host no any official website thus far.

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